Flashback to June 9th, 2016. Dustin Johnson found himself in a bizarre scenario. He was a couple of shots off the lead, and as he stood over a putt on the fifth green, adjusted to address the ball, it moved. It wasn’t until the twelfth tee that Johnson was informed that he still may be penalized under Rule 18-2. The uncertainty grew as every golfer started posting on their personal social media accounts. The consensus was complete uproar with Rory McIlory branding the whole situation ‘ridiculous’ and said, “if it… Read More

Make no mistake, for the next couple of months we will still be in the cold grip of winter. Warm golf days feel like a distant memory and we’re itching to get out of the office to hit a few. Instead we’re stuck inside, and whether we want to hear it or not, it’s the perfect time to hit the gym. While the pros need to spend April through September focusing on golf, many get the bulk of their physical training done from January-March. Some of the fittest golfers, as… Read More

The verdict is still out on whether Donald Trump is the personification of the American dream, or conversely, a culmination of America’s worst nightmares. Political affiliations aside, the presidential election has served as a reality show unlike any other, the winner taking home the grand prize, ‘leader of the free world.’ Soon the race will be over and Trump will either be pulling his UHAUL up to the White House or heading back to run his globally recognized brand. With his wallet deeply invested in the golf industry, it makes… Read More

We asked team VPAR not what team would win, but who would come out as MVP. Rory McIlroy, Team Europe (MVP) This is Rory’s year to solidify himself as a European Ryder Cup legend. His past two Ryder Cup Singles Matches had him sweep away Keegan Bradley 2&1 and dominate Rickie Fowler 5&4. Performances like this paired with his Major Championship winning confidence, a few more years experience under his belt and a win a few weeks ago at Deutsche Bank, all add up to a significant opponent staring you… Read More

2016 has been an underwhelming year for the ‘Big Three’ in the men’s game. Rory has missed two cuts in Majors, Jordan has struggled to replicate last year’s blistering form and Jason has had a season full of ‘almosts.’ Yet, there are three up and coming youngsters rising from the junior golf circuit that have had some stellar moments this year. First is Beau Hossler. It may have been a safe bet that the reigning College Men’s Player of the Year would win the semi-finals of the NCAA Championship Match… Read More

Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler have started #PlayoffMustache as the Tour head into the FedEx Cup Playoffs. JT asked the Twittersphere whether to venture down this ‘hairy-upper-lipped’ road and fans came back with a resounding, ‘yes.’ If I’m honest, I was a little unsure about both participants capabilities of actually get their ‘Mo’ on. I mean, Rickie isn’t exactly the most manly of men, and I haven’t seen JT with any sort of mane either. But thanks to the wonders of SnapChat, we now have proof of how things are… Read More

We’ve had a hectic 2016 season with the climax of it all happening over the past two months. This is probably why Jason Dufner has been relatively quiet on social media. I guess he’s got a small thing called golf to focus on. Anyway, thankfully he’s not the only Dufner I follow. His dog Prince Louie’s cuteness is hard to ignore. While I’m pretty sure Jason’s ex-wife got custody in the divorce, I can’t help but continue to follow this adorable pup. His posts consistently sum up my life and… Read More

Big news! In late August, Andy Sullivan’s Ryder Cup spot was confirmed. For one of the first times this year, I can safely say, “I TOLD YOU HE WOULD!” It was a solid month for Andy all around. He stuck together a T5 at The French Open, T6 at The Scottish Open and a T12 at The Open. Not only was it a lucrative couple of weeks but was topped off with all those Ryder Cup Points. His pitfall was The PGA Championship. Having started with an opening 67, his… Read More

Just weeks after Nike surprised many (including its own athletes) by announcing it would stop making golf equipment, players such as our own Michelle Wie have been inundated by rival golf-club companies desperate to see our star using their stuff. Wie signed with Nike back in 2005, on a reported $5million a year contract. Upon last month’s news Wiezy echoed the thoughts of many Nike golfers by sympathizing with the staff who are due to lose their jobs saying, “More than anything, I appreciate the incredible people on the equipment… Read More

After 4 rounds, 72 holes and 47,253 steps, an exhausted VPAR Team completed Macmillan’s Longest Day Golf Challenge. They’d left for the course at 5:20am equipped with bananas, cereal bars, chocolate and a boat-load of water. After 12 exhilarating hours of golf, the team had covered over 23 miles of rolling greens and burned over 5,300 calories each. Weakened but in high spirits, they returned to the clubhouse for a few (15) celebratory drinks. Impressive numbers for an even more impressive cause. Team VPAR raised £660 for Macmillan Cancer Support’s… Read More

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